Board Meeting Checklist

The following is a suggested checklist of items to consider when preparing for and attending a formal meeting of the Board of Directors. It is not exhaustive, as many other issues need to be taken into consideration when called to a special meeting or an annual general meeting.

  1. Were the board papers received in a timely manner which gave you enough time for proper review?
  2. After careful review of the board papers and related documents, do you want to add any items to the agenda? Frequently, this can be done when “any other business” is discussed, but if an item is critical it should be included in the agenda
  3. Is the board meeting properly constituted? See checklist below:
    • Proper notice given
    • Quorum present to conduct business
    • Minutes of previous meeting available
    • Attendance register to be signed
  4. Has management provided the documentation and information (if any) that has been requested?
  5. Are management accounts available for review (preferably, the management accounts should have been in the board pack) The following management accounts or reports should be made available at each regular meeting:




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