Welcome to the Director's Toolkit! This ‘toolkit' is especially designed to assist the directors of state-owned enterprises to understand their special duties and responsibilities and to assist them to discharge their fiduciary and other duties of care and skill efficiently. This CD-ROM contains a wealth of information provided by the various departments of the Government of South Africa (legislation and regulations) as well as purpose-designed analytical and interpretative tools.

The value of this toolkit is that it brings together in one place most of the guidance documentation directors will need, and further guides you (by internet links) to sources to obtain additional or updated information.

In order to make use of this CD-ROM, the following basic system requirements are necessary:

  • Windows 95/98/2000/XP
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 or Higher or Netscape
  • Microsoft Office 97 or Higher (MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Access)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (download from if necessary -- free of charge)
  • Internet Connection (to access web-based links)

Before using the software you must agree to the terms of the License Agreement.

The format of this CD-ROM allows the user to move easily from one document to another by using the “Back” and “Forward” buttons found in the upper left-hand corner of the various programs (i.e., MS-Word , MS -Excel MS-PowerPoint and Acrobat). The documents are linked in such a way that the user can find all references to a specific topic, as well as conduct additional research on that topic and related issues on the CD-ROM and the internet.

The information is separated into three sections: corporate governance; human resources compliance; and tools and resources. Each specific document under these sections (highlighted in blue and underlined) can be accessed by double-clicking the name.

The Manual is a useful place to start, as it clearly describes the various components of the “Toolkit” and provides instruction on entering data and navigating throughout the program and its related services.

Section One: Tools and Resources

Glossary of Terms Useful for the Director [ Go to Glossary ]
The Glossary clearly identifies and defines many of the special concepts, principles and terms that are used frequently by directors and at board meetings.

Financial Analysis for non-Financial Directors [ Go to Ratio Analysis Spreadsheet ]
The ratio analysis template allows the director without a lot of financial or accounting expertise to input data from the SOE's financial statements or management accounts and obtain a set of ratios which quantify several aspects of business performance.

Budget Analysis Spreadsheet [ Go to Budget Analysis Spreadsheet ]
The budget analysis template provides a tool for the director to assess performance against budget by establishing a variance limit and then identifying key categories which exceed this limit.

Budget Variance Analysis [ Go to Budget Variance Analysis ]
Linked to the budget template, this document explains the various budget expense categories and provides a list of issues to consider when analysing the budget variances.

Links to Internet Resources [ Go to Internet Resources ]
This list of links provides access to a wealth of information available to the director over the internet.

List of Directors and Board Resources [ Go to Board List ]
This template provides a list of people with whom the director will need to associate in order to fill director's duties. The list can be cut and pasted into an alternate address book if desired.

Board Meeting Checklist [ Go to Checklist ]
This document provides a list of items that the director should consider prior to attending any regular meeting of the board.

Schedule of Reporting Requirements [ Go to Reporting Schedule ]
The schedule provides the Director with a list of statutory reports and the dates when due. It also indicates the responsible party for report preparation.

Corporate Governance Induction [ Go to Induction Slideshow ]
This slideshow provides a very brief induction into the duties and responsibilities of the SOE director. All of the terms and concepts are dealt with more extensively elsewhere in the program.

Section Two: Corporate Governance Legislation and Regulations

Section Three: Labour Relations, Employment Equity and Empowerment


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