The Kingdom of Swaziland , a landlocked country within South Africa , is the last absolute monarchy in Africa . It benefits from its location by being a part of monetary and customs areas in the region. Even though it is a monarchy, it operates on a Parliamentary system and shares some of the same legal structure with South Africa , although this has become somewhat outdated over the past two decades. The process of drafting, enacting and assenting to legislation in Swaziland can be time consuming.

Swaziland does not yet have a specific framework for corporate governance. The Companies Bill 2004 (not yet given Royal assent and gazetted into law) covers many of the essential areas. The Public Enterprises Act provides a broad framework of governance for state-owned enterprises. Enacted in 1989, it does not include reference to 'best practice' developed since then by such organisations as the Commonwealth or OECD.

In Swaziland PGi operates through a strategic partnership with Lwati Training Institute , one of the oldest and most established training and management advisory firms in the country. PGI has worked with Lwati and the Ministry of Finance's Public Enterprises Unit (PEU) to design a Toolkit and training programme that is unique and comprehensive.

To book a training seminar or course, contact:

Martin Forsyth Thompson

Lwati Training Institute

Tel: (268) 404-3065

Email: lwati@realnet.co.sz



•  Corporate Governance Toolkit (Company)

•  Corporate Governance Toolkit (State Enterprise )

•  Commercial Legislation of Swaziland

•  Corporate Governance Diagnostic Assessment

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